78 Australian Women Open 78 Tarot Doorways

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are advised that this site contains the names, images, and voices of people now passed and resting in the Dream

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the Duuran

Examining Tarot through the Aperture of Significator Cards and Real Life Stories

Every Tarot or Oracle card has its own story to tell, and every card is open to one’s personal interpretation. Despite what purists might have you believe, no matter what “meaning” experts or books may ascribe to a particular card, no one definition is correct for everyone or every situation. Tarot cards may help to explain a situation or describe a person. In this case a significator Tarot card has been consciously chosen to represent an individual and pick up on an energetic of a woman who has made a significant contribution to Australian culture. The cards chosen for these women seemed appropriate at the time. The reader may well differ and dispute the connection being made and suggest alternatives.

The Fool – Germaine Greer
The Magician – Elizabeth Blackburn Scientist
High Priestess – Baranagaroo
The Empress – Catherine Helen Spence
The Hierophant – Two Extraordinary Women
Lovers – Aunty Oodgeroo Noonuccal
The Chariot – Judith Durham
Justice – Elizabeth Andreas Evatt
Strength – A Test of Endurance
Death – Lets Talk Death
Temperance – Women’s Christian Temperance Union Australia
The Tower – Ultimate Tower Moment
The Star – Fay Catherine Howe
The Moon – Joan Lindsay Picnic at Hanging Rock
Judgement – Annie Lock Missionary
The World – Nancy Bird Walton

associated with the emotional realm. Connection, love, dreams and wishes. Happiness as well as sorrow and vulnerability.

Ace of Cups – The Promise of Happy Ever Afer
Two of Cups – Soulful Connections
Three of Cups – An Artistic Collective
Four of Cups – Ash Barty
Five of Cups – Red Flags to Address
Six of Cups – Custodians of Memory
Seven of Cups – Smorgasbord
Eight of Cups – Picking up the Pieces
Nine of Cups – Dame Nellie Melba
Ten of Cups – Miles Franklin Award
King of Cups – Sandra Pankhurst Trauma Cleaner

associated with the material realm. Physicality, the body, work, environment. Abundance as well as scarcity and greed.

Five of Pentacles – The Lady of the Swamp
Six of Pentacles – Ruby Hunter
Eight of Pentacles – Productivity
Ten of Pentacles – Mary Reibey
The Page of Pentacles – Teal Independents
Queen of Pentacles – Margaret Fulton

associated with the mental realm. Rationality, logic, communication. Useful thoughts as well as anxieties and fears.

Ace of Swords – Catherine Hay Thomas
Two of Swords – Julia Gillard.
Three of Swords – Grace Tame
Seven of Swords – Christina Macpherson
Eight of Swords – Lindy Chamberlain and Schapelle Corby
Nine of Swords – Trails of Trauma
Ten of Swords – Catherine Folbigg

associated with gusto and life force. Excitement, exploration, creative pursuits. Passion as well as grandiosity and impulsiveness.

Ace of Wands – Tilly Aston
Five of Wands – Warrior Spirit
Ten of Wands – Charlotte Allingham
Page of Wands – Inventive Creatives
Queen of Wands – Margaret Throsby
King of Wands – Margaret Olley

The following is a directory of alternative responses to some of the cards presented here.

Directory of Additional Posts

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