8 of Wands

So I took the risk and gave the Rider Waite the opportunity to say what it thought about me. The response was a bit like a slap in the face with a wet fish. The Eight of Swords is all about being bound up.

The deck was pointing out to me, quite justifiably, that it perceives me as having been imprisoned by prejudices. Given that I have let this deck sit on the shelf for years and had steadfastly refused to engage with it I wasn’t surprised to be told quite so bluntly that some of my opinions are baseless.

I cannot deny it! I had refused to bow to what I perceived to be Demi God status. Everyone raves about this deck! It is the deck they learned with, the deck that is their soul deck, the one deck they would rescue from a fire storm.

Maybe it is the anti establishment convict blood coursing through my veins that leads me to take stands like this. The good news is that the blinded woman is not so tightly bound that she cannot release herself. I can release these bindings, take off the blindfold and give Rider Waite a go!

Is that applause I hear coming from the deck that is now in pride of place in my work space.