Patreon Coming Soon

As the Tarot Midwife I support creatives as they conceive, gestate and deliver wild creative projects. Now I am trying to manifest a small, tight knit community on Patreon.

Staff in hand, setting out on another adventure

I am an experienced artistic midwife and qualified social worker who is in my element when I am working  with artists and writers. Between 2000 and 2010 I created and ran the internationally acclaimed Soul Food Cafe and published the work of those who patronized the site in regular features. 

For over thirty years I have helped people recover from their critics, reclaim their imagination and discover their unique voice. I remain passionate about providing nourishing creative prompts and helping people birth creative projects.

Will you consider setting out with me? Are you tempted to pack a creative medicine bag, slip through the portal into this creative playground, and join a band of artistic architects who love to travel within imaginary worlds and work with symbolism.

As you travel with this artistic troupe you will discover how playing with the symbolism of Tarot and Oracle has the capacity to ignite your creativity, enable you to design and build marvellous word castles and engage in many other wild creative projects.


  • Under the rewards panel, click your favorite tier and sign up!!
  • On the 1st of every month, the subscription fee will be charged from your account. Patreon gives a 5-day window to make sure all charges are completed.
  • After the 5th, you will find new posts here and on Playing With Symbols, the private WordPress blog that you will have been given access to. These posts will include prompts, reviews and individual and group challenges. Those who are interested will be given author rights and will be able to publish their work on Playing With Symbols
  • Each month a Zoom session, designed to build relationships with other patrons, will be advertised. 
  • Members who sign up for the third tier will be entitled to personal mentoring by Zoom, telephone or email.

GOAL: To have 10 active patrons who form a creative choir.

If you are interested in helping me manifest this small community you can follow and reach me @tarotmidwife or via the contact page here.