All Within A Tarot Deck

“If I had a world of my own everything would be nonsense”
Lewis Carol – Alice in Wonderland

Starting my journey yesterday, I landed directly in front of a young woman who was upset over her spilled 5 cups. I tried to console her by saying: “Look at all these beautiful flowers! Yes, the water got spilled, but it got into the soil, so it’s not all lost! 😉”

As soon as these words were out of my mouth, something weird happened! Everything began to shimmer like a mirage and before I knew it, I was suddenly in a big hall with this King on this throne right in front of me! (Couldn’t I have appeared somewhere behind a pillar somewhere further in the back!?.. Nooo!..😰)

He takes a long look at me and other than a slight scowl, I can’t read his expression! “What are you grateful for, when you look around?” He suddenly asks!

I can’t help but look at this big coin he’s holding and immediately think of Squirrels!🐿 😂 Ok, I don’t think this guy is interested in my love for animals!.. At least not right now! Think! Quick! Now a chest to the right in front of me comes into focus and I see those beautiful red 🍇. I didn’t have to think any further! “I’m thankful for my years I’ve spent with my family in Sicily!” I say.

“Ahh!” He says. “My family is from Italy! Actually, what time is it? I’m starving! Do me a favor! Go and get me something to eat!” 😲😮😲

As soon as the King had spoken, he got up and turned his back to me, striding down a hallway towards a door and gone he was! Here I stood now, left to my own devices! Now what?? I turned to my left to see an open courtyard and headed that way. There has to be a way to get out of this castle or whatever this mansion is!

“I wonder which way I ought to go?” 
Lewis Carol – Alice in Wonderland

As soon as I reached the sunny little plaza, a woman (must be the Queen!) approached on a little balcony.

“Did my husband give you money for his errand?” she asked me.

“No, he did not.” I responded. “Of course not”, she said, with a slight smile tugging on the corner of her mouth. “Here you go, take some of these coins, and please make sure you’ll get yourself something to eat, too!” She gave me a kind smile, gave me directions how to get out of the castle and bid me farewell! ✨

As soon as I stepped out of the castle, I realized how dark it had gotten! If I wanted to make it to the next village without stumbling around in complete darkness, I had to hurry!

Barely a few steps further, around a bend of the road, I came across a cemetery, completely engulfed in darkness. (Creepy!!!) Suddenly the full moon pushed through the thick cloud cover and illuminated a grave and in front of it was a kneeling person! It was a woman, cloaked in a hooded shawl. She seemed deep in thoughts and sad, so I decided to let her be and continue on my way while the moonlight was guiding me.

The feeling of warm sunshine on my face woke me up… and the feeling of being watched!!.. Stretching my achey body just a bit to get the kinks out of my neck and back, I sloooowly looked toward the sunlight and where I thought I was being watched.
My eyes needed a second to adjust but then I saw not one but three pairs of eyes staring straight at me!😳

It was a Horned owl sitting on the hilt of one of 3 swords, a black raven sitting in the middle, on the second sword’s hilt, and to the right of it, on the third sword sat a Snow owl. 🦉 

Before I could gather my thoughts, the Horned owl spoke: “You will need a guardian for your journey! Hedwig here (pointing to the Snow owl – of course! 😂) will accompany you from here on!”

Without any further words Mister Owl and Mister Raven spread their wings and lifted off, leaving only a slight gust of air behind.

I look at Hedwig, unsure how to proceed! (After all, an owl had just spoken to me!😯 Talk about surreal!)

“Nice to meet you, Hedwig! I’m Anastasia!” She looks at me for a moment, makes some cooing noise that sounded almost like “Nice to meet you, too!” and flies off!

As soon as Hedwig had flown off, I was left to my own devices again and I decided to better get moving again myself and finally get to this village the King had told me about!

Suddenly I heard water gushing nearby and went to follow that sound. I spotted a small waterfall and right then a young male witch appeared on what looked like a home made rafter. A grey cat was with him, holding on to a small mast with a torn sail, clearly not too sure about these means of travel! (Poor guy! My cat wouldn’t like this either!😂)
“Hop on!” the guys says! “I assume, you’re heading towards the village? I can take you there, it’s much faster than walking!”
My intuition tells me it’s safe to go with him, so I step quickly onto the raft and sit myself down next to the cat, who seemed happy for my company as he curls right into my lap and starts purring.🥰
“I’m Liam, and this is Parker, my cat!” says the guy while looking forward and guiding the float down the stream.
We’re passing lush, green trees and bushes on both sides when I heard loud chirping and what sounded like children’s laughter, but much lighter voices.
“A lot of baby birds are hatching right now and the fairies are out, checking in on the hatchlings and playing with them!” Liam tells me as he points to one of the trees we’re passing.
And there I see it, a nest with a naked baby bird chirping 🐣 and 3 tiny girls holding each a silver cup in the air as if to show the bird the shiny items!
The stream picked up speed and before I knew it, we had passed them and I lost sight. The tiny laughter and chirping followed us for a while longer though!✨

It wasn’t long that we had parted with the woman (whose name I never got, I realized!) when we came to a narrower part of the stream and a small dock came into view.

Liam turned around to me and said: “If you get off here, the next village is just a few minutes from here! There’s a path leading you right towards it! You’ll pass a nice park on your way and then you’re right there!”

He slowed the float down and stopped by the dock close enough for me to hop out.
Parker (the cat) stood up, stretched in typical cat fashion and carefully padded over to where Liam stood. He looked up at me and gave me a “Meow!?”. I bent over to him to scratch his chin and said my goodbyes to him and Liam, thanking both for the ride and got on my way.

No sooner than having walked a few steps, I could see the first few houses in the distance and a bigger green spot, which turned out to be the park Liam had mentioned.

Coming closer, I spotted a young woman (or was she still a girl?) sitting on a bench, flanked by two big beautiful Cherry blossom trees, holding a silver cup containing a variety of flowers by her right side while smelling one she was holding in her left hand.

Two white doves were sitting on either side of her and she had a dreamy look in her face! “Ahhh!” I heard her say (though it sounded more like a sigh!). “I love him sooo much!! I can’t wait until I see him again!”💞

That sounded like young puppy love to me, which made me smile and instantly reminisce about the time when my husband and I had just met! 😍🥰 I continued on my way to the village, still in deep thoughts and memories.

Meet the Traveller

@anastasia_gypsysoul who engages on Instagram decided to escape the pandemic lockdown to Travel in the Wheel of the Year and Everyday Witch Tarot Decks.

Anastasia (which isn’t her real name) is a wife and a mother who’s lived most of her live in other countries and currently living with her family and pets in PA, USA. She’s known for her love of animals, nature and crystals, but also for her fondness of yoga, Qi Gong, photography, books, tea and especially Tarot and Oracle cards.