Work With the Fool’s Energy

I willingly walk the path of the Fool, in search of my grail. It is my wish to dig deep, blow the dust from the archives and breathe life into the women upon whose shoulders we Australians might stand upon”.
Georgina McClure

New beginnings, innocence, naiveté, childlike trust, carefree enthusiasm, longing to find one’s heart desire, spontaneity, endless potential, inexperience, excitement, leap of faith, risk, reckless, the unknown

This is just the beginning! The Fool is Card Zero of the Major Arcana, representing the point where everything begins and ends and begins again. The Fool tarot card is a sign of unlimited and endless potential. It’s a cosmic invitation from the universe to start your next adventure. The world is your oyster, babe! Release your expectations or any preconceived notions because anything can happen right now, you just need to take a leap of faith and dive into the unknown.

Germaine Greer, (born January 29, 1939, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), Australian-born English writer and feminist who championed the sexual freedom of women. Freed from the usual societal constraints she is, quite possibly, the most important radical and controversial woman of the 20th and 21st-century feminists.

Greer’s book, the Female Eunuch, regarded as a feminist masterpiece, led many women to take the ‘Fools Leap’ and quite literally changed the lives of a generation of women.

Greer urged women to think beyond the stereotype patriarchal society had created for them, likening the situation of the 1970s woman to that of a bird “made for captivity”. She was the wise fool who embarked on a quest without thought for the consequences. Her wisdom is to follow the path to her Grail.

Choose to work with Germaine Greer and the energy of the Fool.

Standing on Their Shoulders

The Challenge is to use the word prompt list to showcase 22 Days of Positive Quotes and feature Tarot Decks. I have chosen to work with the You Tarot by Sarah Shipman, but because Shipman does not feature any Australian women I am redressing this by showcasing Australian women who have left a rich legacy.

The full project is called ‘Standing on Their Shoulders’ On this page you will find photographs of inspirational Australian women and links to pages providing more detailed information about each of these women.

Marking Sahmain – Southern Hemisphere

“In ancient times, Winter Solstice festivals were the last celebrations held before the deep, hard winter began. There was plenty of food and wine, for now, – and hopes that all would survive the coming famine months until spring arrived again.”

On May 1 it is Sahmain in the Southern Hemisphere. It is not Winter Solstice but ‘Winter is Coming’.  As the days shorten our thoughts turn to life and death, to the past and the future, to what we’ve lost, what we’ve gained and what we are yet to do with our one wild and beautiful life. It felt like the right time to spend a few moments in quiet reflection in a cemetery.

Take the time to pick up the energy of the Cemetery you choose to visit. Find the grave that calls to you. Shuffle and lay out some cards and then spend quiet reflective time journaling.