Yule AdvenTURE 2021

This edible advent calendar is the perfect gift to give this Christmas.

Yule comes from the old Norse jól and Old English géohol which was a season of hunting after the harvest was done. This fell in what we now call December so it eventually became associated with the Christmas Holiday. The first recorded use of the noun Yuletide, according to Wikipedia, was in 1475. The Yuletide season lasted from the end of November to the beginning weeks of January but the feast of Yule lasted three days over the Winter Solstice and marked the beginning of the new year.

Advent Calendars come in diverse formats. Back in the day when I created and ran the Soul Food Cafe I made digital Advent Calendars with a new link opening each day. Journey of the Heart was just one very popular one.

As you can see you can get very creative when you begin thinking about Advent Calendars and you might opt to make an edible calendars like this one which can be found on Delicious.com.

This December I am going to run a 25 day Advent activity that focuses on Tarot, Oracles and Playing Cards. A new link will appear each day and direct you to all sorts of quirky nonsense and inspired creative ideas that I have stumbled upon in the halls of Instagram. Be assured that I will acknowledge the work of such inspired creatives who inhabit this space.

Links to a range of my digital Calendars can be found at While Waiting for Godot, a site I created as I waited to see what I might do next.