Writing With Tarot

To get started using the tarot as a writing tool, you’ll need two basic things. The first is a deck of tarot cards. There are hundreds of decks out there at all price points. Some can be found at your local bookstore or new age store. The largest selection can be found online. You can check out my recommendations of tarot decks for writers here.The second thing you’ll need is a tarot journal to record your spreads and other aspects of your tarot journey. Source: Writersaurus

There is a vast amount of material online to support those amongst us who use their tarot decks to promote writing and art. I have no intention of reinventing the wheel and am happy to provide inks to material that I find useful. Tarot and Oracles are a very important tools in my creative medicine bag and needless to say I have my own approach. Projects which I have initiated are linked here.

Writing with the Tarot Midwife

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