Bonding With Decks

Both Tarot cards and journals work to help connect you to your subconscious and your spirit.

The art of working with the Tarot is that the cards can be utilized entirely on their own: you don’t technically need anything other than your favorite deck and a safe space to perform a reading. There are many tools available that can enhance any reading and help you build an even deeper relationship with the cards, one of the most effective ways is working with a personal Tarot journal.

Tarot helps you to dive into the deeper realms of your being and discover the hidden treasures. Many people already use each of these spiritual, metaphysical tools separately, but there is magic to be found when using them together.

You’ll create a stronger bond with your deck, understand more about yourself, and boost your creativity.

To get started here are eight ways to bond with a tarot deck suggested by Ethony. Plus here are another nine suggestions.

Personally I think these lectures provide a very balanced view of how to bond with a tarot deck.

More on Deck Interviews

Asali Earthworks provides material on deck interviews and includes some interviews she has done with decks.

More References:

Take the time to check out the multitude of posts by Beth Maiden, founder of the Little Red Tarot.

If you trade or buy a used Tarot deck you may want to cleanse it before bonding with it.