Animal Spirit Guides

For anyone who resonates with the spiritual aspects of animals, practices shamanic arts, or just really digs animals – this is an ideal set of cards to have in your mystic tool belt.
by Calling Corners

I have had Messages From Your Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer for some time and I have found, as the Covid_19 crisis has accelerated, that this deck has provided very accurate readings.

For example, on one occasion the Unicorn emerged to remind me that letting our creative imagination roam free is always the best course of action at a time like this. When the Unicorn appeared I was reminded of the how, as my late husband fought bowel cancer, I diverted my attention to building and managing the Soul Food Cafe.

So I decided that now, at a time when I am practicing social distancing, it is the right time to do a deck interview and learn more about the potentiality of working with this very special oracle deck.

How would you describe yourself?

How would you describe yourself?

When asked how this deck would describe itself the spider emerged to tell me that the deck sees itself as having a very strong creative pulse. It is chatty and will tell tales that will inspire, enlighten and support me as I work to maintain a positive approach during this difficult time.

Spider tells me that this deck will teach me how to masterfully communicate my needs, while showing me how to weave a solution to challenges. Spider’s message is that by using this deck I will contact deep wisdom that will nurture my sense of connection and integration at all levels. Her web symbolizes the tying together of loose ideas into a tidy package.

The spider awakes creative sensibility. She reminds us that the world is woven around us; we are the centre of our own world. Some questions to ponder when spider appears

  • Are you weaving your dreams into reality?
  • Are you moving toward a central goal or are you scattered and going in multiple directions?
  • Are you becoming too involved and or self-absorbed?
  • Are you focusing on others’ accomplishments and not on your own?
  • Do you need to write or draw and are not following through?
  • Are you developing resentment because of it – for yourself or for them?
What does this deck think of me as its new collaborator?

What does this deck think of me as its new collaborator?

When asked what the deck thinks about having me to collaborate and work with the Humpback Whale emerged. Given that my ancestors were Whalers who worked the Southern Seas out of Hobart I began by asking for forgiveness for all that they and men like them had done. It is paradoxical therefore that Whale energy is purported to aid in tapping our ancestral DNA and unlock the mysteries that lie there.

Whale also lifts our spirits, swimming through the spheres to reach the Akashic records and open the book of self, particularly for understanding our emotions and what affects them deeply.

To invoke the whale it is said that we can find our true voice. Through Whale the deck lets me know that it is here to help me tap ancestry and sing with an authentic, true voice.

When Whale arrives it’s often during a time of emotional or physical duress in which you’ve lost your sense of self. In fact, Whale is ideal for such times. Whales withstand the pressure of the ocean, but never stays down too long. Come time to breathe, Whale bursts joyfully forth, accepting that renewing air; this is the gift Whale offers – the ability to “cope” and function in highly pressurized situations until you can come up for air and reclaim your inspiration and clarity.

What is one thing you expect of me?

What is one thing you expect of me?

This deck expects me to stay focused and move stealthily towards achieving the goal I set myself back in December before our horror season of bushfires and now the Covid-19 pandemic that has paralysed the world. It expects me to remain committed to learning about the wisdom that can be drawn from Tarot, Oracle and Playing cards. It is true that I am in my latter years and possibly only have ten really good years but that is more than enough time to do this work, to pull together a life time of work and emit positive, creative energy.

The lesson to be learned here, the inspiration, is to fulfil our goals with speed and focus. When we feel stuck, cheetah energy can help us spring into motion. If we are moving with great speed but with little direction, cheetah medicine, implicit within this deck, can help us to keep our eyes on our goals, to focus, and to find the most direct way of achieving them.

How will this deck challenge me?

How will this deck challenge me?

The Weasel lets me know, in no uncertain terms that this deck will challenge me by making me feel more. As someone who has suppressed feeling this is timely. The time has come to acknowledge that yes, I do feel bitter about some of the things that have happened and yes, I am angry about a lot of things. It is not healthy to deny these feelings and store them in my body. We now know that The Body Keeps the Score.

Since the pandemic I have been taking more time to observe feelings and I have been regularly taking the time to check and do guided body scans.

Weasel has an acute sense of hearing and the ability to see beneath the surface. As a power animal, Weasel helps you to develop your inner hearing so that you can listen to your inner voice, and to heighten your perception so you can see beneath the words and actions of others and ascertain their true motives and intentions. The challenge of this deck is to take heed and develop my inner hearing and knowing.

What is the potential outcome of our time together?

What is the potential outcome of our time together?

This deck offers enormous potential for me. Octopus is so different from me that it seems like an alien. However, it, like this deck will help me be agile, resilient and flexible as I navigate life in the face of a world wide pandemic.

As I work with the animals in this deck I will learn so much more about shapeshifting and be taught, amongst other things, their survival skills. If I need proof of what is possible when I drawn on animal wisdom I only need to read the Soul of An Octopus by Sy Montgomery. Montgomery discovers that discovers they’re highly intelligent, capable of tenderness, playfulness, happiness and friendship.

If this deck enhances such feelings then it will be a strong ally for me for a very long time.