Deck Interview with Sweet Twilight Tarot

Do you interview your decks? I think it’s a great first conversation to have with new cards….it just feels polite. Though I think that we are speaking/communing with the same source no matter what deck we use, each deck *does* have its own voice. It’s like the same breath blowing through different woodwind instruments. So to extend that metaphor, a deck interview spread is kind of like doing scales. @oakmoontarot

Deck interviews are generally something you do when you receive and welcome a new deck to your collection. However, I never did do one with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. So, after discovering, while undertaking a ‘Tipping Toward the Dark’ challenge on Instagram, that this deck actually draws things out of my subconscious I decided that it was time that we had this conversation. I won’t deny it! I was pretty taken aback when the deck spoke.

What is the potential of our relationship?

Our relationship is an intense one. I am your healer! I will not only keep confronting you with the truth but I will keep drawing things out of your subconscious which depict some of the heartbreak and pain that you have so carefully locked away. You have too much bottled up inside and we both know what has happened because of the pain festering. Some of the results have been devastating.

I understand that you will not always appreciate my frankness and that, time and again, you will reach to put the card I present back in the deck, just as you did when this 3 of Swords emerged. But I do know you are strong enough to hear what I have to say.

Hopefully we can work collaboratively and jointly honour your scars, help you list some of the hurts so that you can finally be at peace with how some things have turned out. Given how vitally important it is to explore, express feelings I would like to think that I am the best ally you could have. I will lance the boils and help you find the words that you have struggled to find.

What is the most important thing for me to know about you?

The World represents the successful completion of a life-cycle. I will encourage you to finish what you’ve started. The old is being completed, and loose ends are now being tied up. You are crossing an important threshold. You aren’t just completing a chapter of your life, but an entire volume. Magical new possibilities are opening to you and I will cheer you on.

Take a deep breath, summon your courage and boldly cross the finish line. I have access to all the joys, sorrows, promises, lies, possibilities and endings that have been experienced in your world. I have tentacles that reach down to ancient knowledge and wisdom. All you need to do is reach out to me and receive the benefit of my knowledge.

What growth do you have to offer?

Think back on your life’s journey. What hills and valleys did you pass through to arrive at this moment? Breathe in the magnitude of your presence and perseverance! If you are here, you still have new purpose, and new work to do.

It can often feel as though, behind every great quest, someone is left behind. Ironically it is often the very person who inspired the quest. You need to finish the important process you are completing. Completion can be frightening. It requires you to commit yourself to unknowable new experiences.

I am offering to ensure that you are not left behind and that you don’t give up. I have been watching you and that drummer boy (the Fool) travelling together. I can see that I am offering you fresh perspectives. This will help you grow your knowledge of the magical healing powers that can come with working with a Tarot deck like me.

What do you have to teach me about myself?

At what time in your life did you feel you were at your strongest? Do you sometimes forget you are that same person? Do you need to get back on track by standing up to inner weaknesses which have been keeping you stuck and afraid?

As you work with me you will come to appreciate just how much strength you have. Strength is something that needs to be reinforced every day. Just as muscles need to be continuously used to maintain their power, so too does inner strength need to be exercised.

Feelings and emotions are not examples of weakness. As we work and you face some of the pain and hurt that you have suppressed you will actually become stronger. I sense that you are more powerful than you have ever given yourself credit for being. There is nothing I can say that you will not cope with. You can safely bring everything out of those shadowlands and grow that wild garden you are so keen to plant.

When I work with you how should I focus my energy?

It is simple really! Just sustain your appreciation of creation and your ability to create. These are qualities which are closely tied to the earth, moon, the sun, the heavens. Remember that physical things are not mundane. Come down from behind those eyebrows and make contact with earth every day.

Acknowledge the warmth of your home, the good meal you are eating, your time with loved ones, the beauty of the raindrops misting outside. Enjoy your dogs, savour your garden, go for long walks and take note of what is happening around you. Look at life with content eyes. Look at all this beauty!

What do you have to teach me about the Universe?

In this universe defending your beliefs sometimes demands that you will have to stand alone with nothing save your courage and your faith. When anyone rises against you something is lost within but something else is gained. But, as I have been rummaging in your underwear draws, checking you out, I suspect you knew this already.