Meet Rosie

In its simplest sense, the High Priestess represents the unconscious. Bearing symbols such as the moon, the sea, columns of light and shadow, this is about inner wisdom, that which we understand on an intuitive level, but don’t (or aren’t able to) access regularly.

The High Priestess sits at the shadowy gateway between your conscious, everyday mind, and all that lies beneath.
Little Red Tarot

The spider is known for being an intelligent arachnid who is capable of strategizing and planning. Therefore, the spider is also a symbol for the power of manifesting. Imagination, artistry, and the power to manifest are a winning combination.

Rosie the Red Back Spider is not your run of the mill Red Back Spider. The embodiment of artistry Rosie has unique talents. She is a High Priestess residing at the home of the Tarot Midwife and is also engaged as the High Priestess in Bonnie’s Traveling Medicine Show.

Rosie’s mainly offers readings for the Australian animals who live in her part of the world but she has been known to dispense advice to those who appreciate her knowing.

Rosie Readings