The Page of Pentacles

Page from Tarot de St Croix

Pages are also known as the messengers – they deliver a message, a positive one, that represents a solid beginning of some sort.

The Page of Pentacles, as the Light Seers Tarot explains, has a childlike quality, asks questions, is curious and adventurous, interested in the world around her. She looks carefully at her surroundings, her body, her environment and enjoys studies.

Pages represent youth and immaturity. In the Tarot de St Croix Lisa de St Croix chooses to feature her son approaching his work with youthful zeal exuberance. This Page is focused and concentrating. He is on a mission, intent on capturing an image.

In an article entitled A Spread for Your Inner Child, Barbara Moore explains that “the page cards are perfect cards to work with when it comes to inner child work.” She says that “some of us have happy and joyful inner children, some do not. They can be wounded, angry, hurt, neglected, alone, or feel unloved. Inner child energy is very powerful and can be responsible for bad habits and self- destructive patterns of behavior”

Working with the Page of Pentacles

Inner Child Spread – Working with the Page: an opportunity to journal with issues that rise up as you work with this spread.