Warming the Hand

The Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot is a truly great deck for generating some writing. Lay out the cards and you will see that this deck has a story book quality about it. Moreover the companion book, full of interesting spells, is excellent for any would be J.K. Rowlings wanting to use magick as a part of their writing. The diversity, the fantasy world depicted in this deck, makes it a perfect companion in a writing session.

In my writing classes we often begin by ‘warming the hand’. To warm the hand is to undertake a 15 minute stream of consciousness exercise in response to some stimuli.

When I choose to use Tarot with a group I have enough decks to provide each participant with a deck.  When we did this exercise we were warming our hand and producing journal entries that could be used for memoir writing.

I began by asking the Modern Spellcasters Tarot deck to provide me with someone who would help me started.  It was the Tower which emerged from the deck. Anyone who knows me knows there have been a few tower moments in my life and so I could have very quickly run the hand across the page simply listing them.

Instead I asked the deck to offer me another card to guide me as to how I should begin. Out popped the 7 of Pentacles which called upon me to focus on my capacity to overcome adversity and acknowledge how I have pulled through by quite literally reinventing myself.

The Tower needed me to tell some of our story.

Who steps out of your deck to ensure that their voice is heard?

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