How Lenora Carrington Used Tarot

Leonora was a restless voyager through deep journeys, always in quest of mythic revelations. Her aim was to repair a shattered world and a means to live in it, unearthing the many images that came her way. Guided by her intuitive meanderings she came upon the I Ching or Book of Changes, carving beautiful wooden tokens and dwelling on the secret language of hexagrams to reach her own patterns of change. She also took other paths like divination, magic and meditation, since all developed into components for a complex mental vehicle that became articulated into her own navigational devices, launching her towards a wilderness of mind. However, she chose the tarot and all the exotic legends surrounding the Bohemians or gypsies; close companions to her imaginal self
from an article by Lenora’s son, Gabriel Weisz Carrington.

Like Leonora, I have fantasized living and traveling in a gypsy caravan pulled by Vanner horses through the roads of the Irish countryside. Indeed, such fantasy has informed so much of my work. Unable to actually travel in a gypsy caravan in Ireland I have slipped through portals and traveled within fantasy worlds of my own creation.

This article by Lenora’s son is a moving account of her relationship with Tarot which resonates on a very deep level.

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