Packing 10 Decks

Any Creative Medicine back pack will inevitably have some decks stashed in the pockets. There is a hastag currently going around the internet since Katey Flowers presented her #onlytendecks YouTube Video which you will find on this page. Spend some time with your collection and determine which ten decks, comprising of Oracle, Tarot and Lenormand that you will take. These may not be the ten I finally decide to take but it gives you a feel of how I am thinking.

  • Guardian Tarot
  • The White Numen Tarot
  • Carolyn Myss Archetypes
  • The Wandering Moon Soul Oracle
  • The Arboridium
  • Dark Goddess Tarot
  • Sakki Sakki Tarot
  • The Northern Animal Tarot
  • Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
  • Morgans Tarot

Consider watching a few video responses to Katey’s video and show off the decks you will you.

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