Presented at a Royal Court

A war has been raging between the two nations ever since, and Gulliver is asked to help defend Lilliput against its enemies. Gulliver does not feel that it is appropriate to intervene, but he nonetheless offers his services to the emperor.

He cried in the loudest voice, ” long live the mightiest emperor of the state”. Therefore, Gulliver proved his loyalty and he was made a great lord by the emperor.

The Hanged Beast broke the monotony of life in a dank cell by explaining some of the politics any traveller in the world of the Northern Animal Tarot should be aware of. Apparently, as can be seen above, there are four Royal Houses in these parts and they most certainly do not form an alliance. On the contrary there has been a long history of conflict and hostility. As is the case in some parts of our world, mediation has never quelled long held resentments and desires for revenge.

As I listened I contemplated some of the handy mediation skills I had acquired during my 71 years on planet Earth. I rarely produce this card, but I told the Hanged Beast that I had served a ten year stint in a rather complex political, often toxic, environment. It occurred to me that the skills I had acquired on the floor of the chamber, and in countless negotiations, might prove useful if I ever got the opportunity to justify my presence here.

“Oh you will get an opportunity” said the Hanged Beast. “I have already sent a message to the Court suggesting that rather than simmering you in a cauldron in cooks kitchen, you may be of some use here”.

I shuddered! Holy moley! Clearly groups to protect the well being of humans were needed here, but given how we humans treat animals I didn’t imagine anyone would listen.

So the Hanged Beast was actually some sort of double agent, or an informer trying to curry favour somewhere. How intriguing! This really is beginning to be more like being thrust onto the set of Alice in Wonderland or Game of Thrones, I thought, remarkably calmly given what some might deem to be a dire situation.

No sooner did the beast say this than a group of gruff guards appeared. I was marched off, still in chains, to the Royal Court of the House of Swords.

As I stood before the Royal couple I intuited that it was the Queen who held the power here and could feel an instant connection.

Our eyes met and she smiled at me. Then, not unexpectedly, she demanded that my captors explain why they had treated one of her close kin so badly and insisted that my chains be immediately removed, that I be given a nice bowl of steaming vegan soup to nourish me.

Over to You

Having entered the world created by the deck of your choice lay out all the Court Cards. Meditate upon these and decide which court you are compelled to visit. Consider which of your archetypes will prove handy as you face the court.

Fabric some yarn or rather tall, decidedly bizarre story about what you are doing there.

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