Encountering the Fool

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves
Carl Jung

Freedom/ risk/ impulse/ trust/ naive/ innerchild/ ignorance/ adventure/ joyful/child/ journeyer/ precipice/ new soul/ beginning/ enthusiasm/ unprepared/ blind faith/ ignition.

Over tiny tea I meet the Fool who is believed to symbolize the leap into incarnation. Traditionally the Fool is all about taking leaps of faith, despite the dog nipping at his feet, trying to discourage such a spontaneous action. Of course, as the Fool is quick to point out, this warning isn’t really coming from the dog or from our intuition. It is a warning that comes from powerful, binding, societal programming that would like us to follow the status quo.

To embody the energy of the Fool is an act of self trust and faith, so radical that it enables us to take risks we might not normally tea. As I sit with the Fool I laugh, remembering how, after my husbands death I spontaneously offered to mind a property in the Grampians for three months. Upon returning to Melbourne I sold and I walked away from my life. I rented in a regional town, taking the time to find the right place to settle permanently.

“Everyone told me that, given that I knew no one where I was going, it was courageous” I tell the Fool, “when really I had no choice but to move on and reinvent myself, to create a fresh identity.”

The Fool simply smiles his enigmatic smile and chooses not to comment.

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