Tarot Travel Journal May 2020

Most everyone’s mad here
Lewis Caroll

Pandemic Tarot Journal Continued
Inside the Enchanted Forest

The Green Woman offers some advice about how to nurture myself.

Everything had been going so well in the glade. It had been a joy to watch the bears dance and when I made a declaration and actually made a decision, Indi was so pleased that he introduced me to the Green Woman who was sitting nearby.

I was captivated by this beautiful woman wearing a cloak of Ivy and felt a glow of pleasure when, in response to her asking me what I needed to learn, I shared my desire to strengthen my connection with nature spirits and bask in the greening I felt was happening as I explored the Enchanted Forest.

She suggested that I might begin by tuning into the subtle energy of a nearby tree or plant. She suggested that I use my palms and hold the intention of feeling the energy field around it. She said that as I really felt these things I would  gain another sense of them. She also told me that I needed to take notice of how I was feeling and to note any shifts when I became consciously aware of what it was radiating from the tree or plant.

Excited I turned to suitcase to share this and her other suggestion that I safely sunbathe in the sun and take the time to feel nature’s pulse. I told him how she had reminded me that the sun provides Vitamin D – proof again of nature’s healing abilities!

Imagine my surprise when the suitcase looked me up and down and told me that I was very naive to think that everyone, including the Green Woman, was a friend whom I could trust and that it was embarrassed by my Pollyanna optimism.

Once upon a time I would have accepted such a tirade and even agreed that I was being a bit naive but here in the enchanted forest I was incensed by way in which suitcase was, like so many I have known, stripping away any sense of joy.

“Well! I don’t much care for your opinion” I snapped and, stamping my feet like a child I simply said “Be off with you! I don’t need to put up with your snide, carping negativity!”

Council of the Animals

No sooner had I stamped my feet than a Raven appeared carrying a message from non other than the Council of Animals requesting our immediate attendance at a hearing.

As we looked at the message it did occur to me that the Green Woman may have overheard Suitcase and reported both of us but the Raven insisted we come immediately so we dutifully gathered ourselves together and meekly followed the bird.

Now I am not sure how anyone else would respond but I have to say I was, quite literally, shaking in my shoes as we entered the council room and were greeted by this formidable group of forest council members. For his part my suitcase had adopted a subservient pose and was not nudging me, whispering or making any smart comments. Clearly he grasped the gravity of the situation.

After handing me a deck of Forest cards to guide me and assist our capacity to effectively communicate, one by one the members of the Council interrogated me! To learn about what transpired at this meeting you will find my notes here.

It was pretty intense and Suitcase and I have both needed to recover. Seeing me in dire need of restorative time a colony of rabbits offered us sanctuary. So for now Suitcase and I have bunkered down with them, in their warren and, as they used to say back in the 60’s, we are “having a Bex and a lie down”. Well! Actually! I am sure you will be pleased to hear the the rabbits have not resorted to dispensing pharmaceuticals! Being blanketed with love is more than enough at the moment.

Sometimes it seems as if life is passing us by. When we are children, time ambles by, with endless car journeys and summer holidays which seem to last forever. Since lockdown time has passed differently. It feels like we have been in this suspended state for a very long time.

Time has passed in the Warren. Days seem to have blurred and if I am honest I cannot tell you what we have done while we have been here. I know the rabbits have not drugged me but since the Council of the Animals I have felt as though I have been drugged – caught in bright lights. It is a bit like those myths you read where people think they have only been gone for a day and it turns out that they have been away for years. In this case it feels like it has been years when in reality, Suitcase and I have only been in the Warren for a relatively short amount of time.

Anyway, we were eating breakfast in our room when a beautifully groomed young buck came rushing in with an urgent message from non other than the Enchanteur inviting us to come to his home. “Magic is afoot” gasped the buck. “The Enchanteur does not meet with many humans who come into the forest” he added.

“I know” I stuttered, my heart pounding. “It really is a privilege to granted audience with him”. The Enchanteur observes everything that happens and indeed, he influences everything, brings elements together and sets things in motion. He is far seeing when it comes to adventures and there is much I can learn from him.

I was surprised to turn and find Suitcase busily packing up. He was silent and certainly wasn’t dispensing advice about how I should behave. Instead it was very focused, carefully packing things into its many compartments. Clearly this creature knew that we needed to hasten and get ourselves organised pronto.

For my part I took the darning spool that had belonged to the Grandmother I never knew, turned it over and over, invoking her to come and be with me. Reminded of the grounding practices I had been encouraged to use I spent time drawing in deep breaths and rather noisily expelled the air again. Suitcase didn’t seem surprised or annoyed. He just went on quietly packing the things that he felt we’re going to need if we were to stay in this forest for any length of time.

I calmed when I became aware of my grandmother’s presence and knew that someone had my back.

Finally we were ready to follow the young buck along winding pathways that wended their way deep into the forest. Both Suitcase and I were aware that many eyes were watching us. As we entered a clearing and saw the humble cabin in the distance I mentally planned that when asked where I was from I would simply say that I had come from Australia which has been in lockdown for a couple of months.

It was Suitcase who pointed towards a nearby glade and signalled that the Enchanteur was waiting for me to follow. I may not be the brightest light in the chandelier and not always so quick on the uptake but even I knew that this magical being had changed shape and was beckoning me to follow.

After sprinkling us both with invisibility dust the White Stag led me to a nearby home and we peered through the window. He asked quite simply “Is this what you have been searching for?”