The Magician

The Magician can use all manner of magical tools but no matter how much he loves them, he knows the only real necessity, is his will and he sometimes wonders if he is strong enough. LWB

Keywords commonly associated with the Magician: skill, self-confidence, talent, will, power, mastery, showmanship, cunning

It is commonly agreed that the Magician is the Egyptian god Thoth or Hermes, who the Greeks believed to be a messenger from the gods. According to myth Thoth was the god of all knowledge and the inventor of writing. Medieval Christians believed him to have the energy of Moses and to possess all the secrets of the universe.

However, when the Fool and I came upon the Magician in the land of Sweet Twilight, instead of feeling excited by the prospect of engaging with this energetic force, with the whole universe at his disposal, the memory of being ripped off by a country show conman, who had rigged his stall and shamelessly took money from an innocent child, popped up out of some hidden internal draw like a Jack in The Box. As my 10 shillings disappeared my parents watched on in the knowledge that this was going to be one of those important life lessons for me.

With this image in at the forefront of my mind, I nudged the Fool and questioned this characters trust worthiness. He does not appear to be a messenger from the gods to me. To be honest he seems more like the Wizard of Oz, just another master of the magic art of great humbug, snake oil seller.

The more I studied the whole scene, the more it appeared to be rigged. This Magician seems be sitting in some carefully staged heavenly office with a microphone at hand, ready to beam out words of inspiration, designed to flutter down the sound waves and reach someone facing a blank page. He is the ultimate showman.

Magicians are supposed to be creative forces with god like energy and I noted that this Magician does have a range of reasonable tools at his disposal. All the elements are there. But, curiously, while he has his hands on the crystal ball he looks decidedly indifferent, disinterested and appears to be looking vacantly into the distance. Of course he may well be communing with his ‘boss’ and dispensing the ‘party line’ like some ancient medieval priest, but neither he, nor his hostile cat companion inspire any confidence. Rather, they both appear to be in need of some public relations professional development.

I can’t deny that I am disappointed. I had high hopes that meeting the magician would be a highlight, especially given the potential the Magician has been credited as offering.


  • Be careful who you defer to! Are you putting your faith in some outside force when you actually have the wear with all and experience required?
  • You are actually competent and capable! You hold magical knowledge and contain the power, magic, and mystery needed to accomplish whatever you desire! What if the Magician and his cat stepped out for a break and you took over the set and the role of Magician for a day? What messages would you beam down through the radio waves?
  • Given that the time is right to manifest whatever you desire, what is it that you plan to manifest?